❝I'm Isabella and sometimes I sing songs. Actually that is a lie, magic is a lie and nothing is real. I'm also a hater of raspberries and ketchup chips. Proud member of #BEARDSQUAD HTML hit counter - Quick-counter.net

guys call me jigzaw. i absolutely embrace it. jigzaw, that is my nickname.
if you don’t have a nickname you are kind of a nerd anyway.

Jul 30th (+1403)

weddings is now the topic of the tumblr hawks support group

everybody is getting married

and I call these people my friends

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Jul 30th (+3709)

hockeysavingstime we need to stop with this bro stuff

its getting bro-ut of hand

Jul 30th (+0)

I just took a shower, and while washing my hair I began thinking of Geno, and it wasn’t until I got out I realized I used Head and Shoulders.

Jul 30th (+2)

happy 28th birthday geno!

Jul 30th (+306)


when you try your best but you don’t succeed 

Jul 30th (+21)

hockeysavingstime just said bro-vodose and now I can’t stop laughing

Jul 30th (+1)
Jul 30th (+2844)

Jamie Benn + the stupid dimply life ruining smile

Jul 30th (+1833)


Reporter: That was your first NHL fight, right? 

Toews: (laughs) Yeah. I was in the box and asking the guy if they actually gave me five minutes; I didn’t even know if they called that a fight, so. 

Jul 30th (+418)

I have a fucking problem but look what I found

Jul 30th (+2)

I’m looking for wallpapers and one of these doesn’t make sense

Jul 30th (+3)


Hockey Meme

8/10 Players - Alex Galchenyuk

Jul 30th (+231)
Jul 30th (+2187)